Thursday, February 24, 2005

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"Man, I don't know what is wrong with Kathy, but she has been acting strange lately" my running partner Dave pics gallery shaved to me as we were doing our Tuesday morning 4 miles. "What do shaved cunts you mean," I asked. "Well, we haven't had sex in 6 weeks, I mean nothing" Dave said, " and I have asked her what is going on and she hasn't answered me." "Do you want me to swing by and talk to female pubic hair shaving she might not want to tell you what's up, but she might tell me" I said. "Sure, I am going to a meeting tonight, how about you run by pics of shaved pussies I agreed and we finished our run.

Dave and Kathy are a young married couple that lived right next door to me. I was single at the time, and since we were all about the same age I am a little older we hung out together and did things together. Kathy often talked to me about who I was seeing and whether she liked them or not, and we shared a good conversational relationship. Now, I will admit that Kathy has a great body. She coached the local high school cheerleaders and this kept her in great shape. She is about 5'9 with long legs and great ass. Her long dark hair came to about mid back and her brown eyes are beautiful. Her tits were about a 34 C, and she had a way of accenting them in women shaving picks she wore.

That night, I waited until I saw Dave's car leave, then I put on some running clothes and ran about a mile, then stopped by their house. I wanted to act as if I was warming up for a run and was asking Dave along. Kathy answered the door and I almost fainted. Apparently, she was not expecting anybody and I had caught her working on a new routine. She had on her little cheerleading skirt that barely covered her ass, and a sports bra. She was sweating a little bit, and shaved pussy image exercise must have aroused her because her nipples were sticking out of the bra by a good 2 inches. I quickly recovered and asked if Dave was home so we could go run. "No", she replied, "he went to a meeting." "Oh," I said," well, I will just shave pussyteen gallery by myself then." "Why do that" she said, "come in and tell me what you think of the new routine for Friday." "Okay" I answered, trying to hide my growing excitement.

Kathy went back to demonstrating splits and other moves that served to arouse me greatly. I only had on running shorts, so my dick was poking through the material. As I sat on the couch, things became uncomfortable. One time, I went to readjust myself, and she caught me. Her eyes lit up, but she did not say anything. After that, she started turning around and with that great ass in my face, touch her toes, showing me the outline of her panties and pussy gay body shaving pubic Finally, shaved pussy stopped and asked me what I thought. "Those are some great moves, are your girls going to be able to do them?" "Sure," she said, if I can, they can."

As she went to get shaved cunts something to drink, I find free photos of shaven asian vaginas got around to asking her if anything was wrong between her and Dave. "Only that women shaving man have the world's most boring sex life," urinary catheter with shaved penis replied walking toward me with a glass of water for me and wine for her, "he genital shaving experiences such a puritan some times, all he wants to do is straight missionary sex, in the bedroom with the lights out!" "Have you talked to him about this?" I asked. "Yes, but after one time of me on top, it is back to the same old thing," she said, "I don't like having sex with him because I don't orgasm unless I do to myself!" I did not know pussy shaved versus to say. A sudden image of her, sticking her fingers in her pussy, rubbing her clit while pinching her nipples flashed in my mind. Of course, I started to get erect again.

"My, my" she said as she sat down on the couch next to me, "what are you thinking about?" "Um....nothing" I stuttered. I made it a rule early in my life never to mess with a married woman. Guys who did that usually had a shorted life span, and I did not what that to happen to me. "I should me going" I stammered. She leaned over to me and whispered in my ear, "Please don't go, just help me cum and I won't say a word." With that, she started rubbing my dick through the shorts. So much for that rule!

I turned her head towards me and kissed her on the mouth. She eagerly tongued me back and started pulling down my shorts. I stopped her and said, " this is about you." She smiled and I pushed her back on the couch and pulled her bra off. I kissed my way down her neck and rubbed her tits while I sucked her nipples. She gasped and grabbed my head, forcing down so more shaving pubic shaving no pubic her tit was in my mouth and rocking my head back and forth. I sucked her 2-inch nipples hard, alternating between them, rubbing one and sucking shaved pussy hairless other. She started moaning. I took my hand and ran it down her leg. I went to pull of her skirt, but she said, "Leave it on". I complied and pulled her little pink panties off her. I kissed the rest of the way down her body, until my face was level with her pussy.

She had the sweetest smelling pussy. She trimmed her pussy hair so it formed a little triangle that pointed at her opening. I started to lick and suck her clit. She moaned and forced my head into her cunt. I stuck one finger in her and massaged her clit with my thumb, all the while licking and sucking her pussy. She was going crazy, moaning and gasping. I took one hand and stuck two fingers in her, while I moved the other to continue rubbing her clit. I ran my tongue between her legs, down to her puckered asshole. I licked her ass, and tongued her hole until it was wet. Then, I took my fingers out of her cunt and stuck one in her ass. She screamed " I'M CUMMING!! And a gush of pussy juice soaked my face. I string bikini models swallowed as much as I could, and continued to suck her pussy, trying to get more. She came repeatedly, each time more juice ran out of her. This was the first time I had seen a female ejaculation, and I loved it. She finally grabbed my head, pushed it away, and indian shaved pussy lay down on the couch. I lay with her for awhile, then realized that I need to go. As I got up, she asked, "Where are you going?" "Home," I replied "I told you that this was shaved dicks and cocks you and I am leaving" "No you're not" she said and grabbed my shorts and pulled them down, and in one movement, swallowed my 7 inch, 2 inch wide dick. I gasped and sat back down shaved cunts on the couch. She was sucking my cock like a vacuum. She started licking the head while stroking the shaft. Then she pushed me down, positioned her self between my legs, and started rubbing and licking my balls. She ran her tongue down to my ass and started pushing her tongue in me. She then returned to sucking my dick and pumping the shaft. I could not take much of this, shouted "I'M CUMMING," and she deep throated me, and shove a finger in my ass at the same time. This took me over shaved transexuals top and I shot a huge load of cum down her throat. She gagged a little, but kept sucking. She sat up and let some of the cum dribbled out of her mouth and on to her tits. "Oops" she said and scraped the cum with her finger and put in back into her mouth. "How long until you are ready again?" she asked. "I don't know, " I said. "Let me help, because I want that dick in me." With that, she swung around, put her pussy in my face, and started sucking my dick. I quickly became hard again and was ready to fuck her. She got off me and stood up. She smiled, turned around and said "what about this move?" as she spread her legs and touched the floor. Her perfect ass was in my face and I could see her pussy getting wetter by the second. "When I do my routines, she said " my pussy always gets wet, thinking of the boys shaved pussy off to my ass" I leaned over, licked her pussy and stood up. "Stick it in me shaved cunts she said, "take me from behind and fuck me hard!" I took my dick and in one thrust pushed it inside of her. She started moaning again and clenching and relaxing her pussy muscles so sometime her pussy would be very tight, and others a little looser. I was alternating my pace, sometimes going quickly, and other times slowly. I would slide my dick the whole way pubic shaving shapes and then ease it back into her, or shove it back in. After about 15 minutes, she said "Just slam it into me and I shaved naked girls cum." I started fucking her as hard and as fast as I could. She started moaning and right before she came, I suck a finger in her ass and felt my dick moving between the little layer of flesh. She screamed and came. I slowed my pace so she could enjoy her orgasm. shaved balls pubic smooth queer pulled her self away from me, got on her knees and said "I want you to jack off in front of me and cum on my face." I started jacking my dick as fast and as hard as I could, as she opened her mouth and licked my dick once and a while. I shot shaved male all over her face and mouth. She licked it off me and smiled. We lay down together for about 10 minutes while we caught our breath. Then she looked at me and said "Thanks for the inspiration, I will try to talk to Dave again, and if it doesn't work, then you should he has a meeting every Tuesday." How will I know if it doesn't work?" She smiled, "Oh, you will know."

The next day, as Dave and I were running, he said "Thanks for talking to Kathy, we had great sex shaving hair, removal pubic night" "Really?" I asked. "Yeah man I can never thank you enough," he said, "By the way, Kathy asked me this morning if you would run with her Tuesday nights while I am at my meetings" "Sure," I smiled, "no problem."